Ms. Carmel A. Eubra, a municipal social welfare and development officer (MSWDO) of Viga, Catanduanes was killed by riding in tandem in Virac, Catanduanes last May 24, 2022. She was shot twice while driving her car inside a subdivision.

It is obvious that her killers had subjected our colleague to a surveillance and decided that the location where Ms. Eubra died was the perfect killing spot. Apparently, the location also afforded the killers the best route for their getaway.

Contracting hired killers for this dastardly act is a clear sign that somebody or a group of individuals was hell bent to eliminate Ms. Eubra.

This is again a classic case of senseless killing.  It is very ironic that a social work practitioner that has overcome the challenges of being a frontliner in a rural setting just to put premium on the sacredness of life, died violently.  Her passion to serve other people especially those in need was cut short.  She was only 43 years old. Her dreams were crushed with her lifeless body.

Her murder was another notch of a long thread of professionals who also met the same fate, another testament that rendering service to the people invites violent death  and how impunity has permeated the society.

We are living in perilous times.  The death of Ms. Eubra is even not a bad omen. With a Marcos-Duterte tandem capturing the helm of the country’s political power, there will be no radical departure from the legacy of widespread human rights violations of their predecessor. In fact what is worrisome is the possibility of invoking the landslide victory in inflicting harm against the people and the so-called adherents of the “pink movement.”  BBM loyalists in the social media are now starting to push for the physical decimation of the critics of the new administration.

While we demand justice for our colleague, it is now than ever that social work practitioners should close ranks and start instituting precautionary and security measure to preserve our ranks.

The battle is long and risky, but victory is inevitable.

Department of Social Work

College of Social Work and Community Development

UP Diliman

May 27, 2022