CSWCD Development Journal Archive

Many Faces of Social Development

  1. Ragasa ng Buffalo: Kuwento at Pakikibaka ng Bukidnon Free Farmers and Agricultural Laborers Association                           Celeste F. Vallejos and Reginald S. Vallejos
  2. Forging Sisterhood Within and Without the Union: The Organizing Experience of MAKALAYA                                                              Teresita V. Barrameda
  3. Cultural Reproduction of Gender Division of Labor in Iraya Mangyan Communities: Implications to Community Development Practice   Aleli B. Bawagan
  4. The Social Construction of Tiwala in Rural Poor Community           Lilly V. Mangubat
  5. Building the Road While Walking: An Evaluation of an OD Capacity Development Project                                                                        Lenore P. dela Cruz, Allan Vera, Elmer M. Ferrer, and Leonard Reyes
  6. Teaching-Learning Methods in Fieldwork Supervision: Lessons from the Field Instruction Program of the UP CSWCD Department of Community Development                                                                      Ma. Theresa V. Tungpalan

UP@100, CSWCD@40, DWDS@20: In the Service of Women, the Filipino People, and the Global Community

  1. Ang Kababaihang Maykaya, ang Pakikibaka para sa Karapatang Bumoto at ang Pagtaguyod sa Kababaihang Manggagawa             Judy M. Taguiwalo
  2. Coming Full Circle in 20 Years: A Synthesis of the DWDS Field Instruction Program Experience                                                    Teresita V. Barrameda
  3. Genesis                                                                                                          Rosalinda Pineda-Ofreneo
  4. MAWD Theses Abstracts 
  5. Women and Morality in Church and State Relation: Feminist Perspectives on the Vatican Discourse in International Politics     Allan C. Orate
  6. Kagandahan sa Panahon ng Globalisasyon                                     Sylvia Estrada-Claudio
  7. Assembly Line Workers of the 21st Century: A Glimpse Into the Lives of Customer Service Center Agents                                                             Mylene D. Hega

Research and Extension for Development Office (REDO)

  1. The Situation of the Research, Extension, and Professional Staff in UP Diliman and their Organized Efforts to Enhance Welfare             Leticia S. Tojos
  2. Herstory: Ang Buhay at Pakikibaka ni Nenita “Nanette” Miranda Tampico                                                                                                  Lisa Marie J. Clemente
  3. Cooperative Organizing: Empowering Administrative Workers               Leah B. Angeles and Samuel L. Genita, Jr.
  4. Women Taking Center Stage: Organizing Women Through Community Theater                                                                            Teresita V. Barrameda
  5. Important Issues in the Public Sector: Challenge to Unionism       Thelma B. Magcuro
  6. A Special Feature: Writing for a Refereed Journal                                    Josefina M. Rolle

Social Work in the Philippines

  1. Social Functioning: The Core of Social Work                                 Rosetta G. Palma
  2. Transforming Development: An Arena for Macro Social Work                  Yolanda G. Ealdama
  3. Philippine Social Welfare Policies                                                     Romeo C. Quieta
  4. Combating Exploitative Child Labor: A Social Work Experience             Alejandro W. Apit
  5. Social Work and International Collaboration in Child Placement       Ma. Lyra T. del Castillo
  6. Support for the Elderly in the Philippines                                       Romeo C. Quieta
  7. Micro-insurance and Mutual Benefit Associations as a Solidarity Based Social Protection System for the Informal Sector: The PAKISAMA Mutual Benefit Experience                                           Rainier V. Almazan

The Field Instruction Program in Community Development

  1. Introduction: The Field Instruction Program in Community Development: Transforming Academic Requirement to Social Commitment                                                                                      Lenore Polotan-dela Cruz
  2. Sama-samang Pagtataguyod ng Paaralang Bayan Bilang Istratehiya sa Pag-oorganisa: Mga Karanasan sa Fieldwork sa South Daang Hari, Bagong Tanyag, Taguig                                                                         Ma. Theresa V. Tungpalan
  3. San Roque Dam: Kaunlaran Kapalit ng Buhay at Karapatang Pantao: Mga Karanasan at Aral Mula sa Pag-oorganisa at Pakikibaka Laban sa San Roque Dam                                                                                Aleli B. Bawagan, Lisa Marie J. Clemente, at Ma. Corazon Jimenez-Tan
  4. Lessons from Areas Affected by Disasters: Implications for Fieldwork Instruction Program in Community Development             Emmanuel M. Luna
  5. Institutionalizing Stakeholders’ Participation in the Early Childhood Care and Development Program in Bulacan: The Role of Community Organizing and Legislative Advocacy                                                 Oscar P. Ferrer


Studies in Filipino Women and Development

  1. Hidden Costs: An Initial Look at Women’s Conditions under the Casecnan Multi-purpose Irrigation Power Project                                     Mae V. Buenaventura
  2. Hard and Heart Data: A Counselor-Mother’s Perspective on Family Violence Prevention                                                                         Salvacion Baaco-Pascual
  3. Patok, Padyak, Pila-Pila: Urban Poor Women Speak Out on Transportation Issues                                                                                Roselle Leah K. Rivera
  4. A No-Teacher, No-Text, No-Syllabus Class?: A Reflection Paper on WD 225                                                                                               Regina M. Capuno
  5. Markado at Militante: Ang Partisipasyon ng Kababaihang Anak-pawis sa Dalawang Pakikibaka sa Maynila: 1906 at 1934                                   Judy M. Taguiwalo
  6. Mami: Kwento ng Isang Asawa, Manggagawa at Ina                               Alwin C. Aguirre

A Special Issue Initiated by the Research and Extension for Development Office (REDO)

  1. Pebbles in the Shoe: A Profile of Child Workers in the Footwear Industry                                                                                            Josefine M. Rolle
  2. Panimulang Paglalarawan ng mga Buhay ng mga Kababaihang Ayta ng Botolan, Zambales                                                                             Ma. Teresa C. Dominguez
  3. Bridging the Gap: A Development Framework for Assisting Older Persons                                                                                               Leticia Salvador-Tojos, Ph.D., RSW

A Special Issue Initiated by the Department of Social Work

  1. A Hundred Years of Social Work in the Philippines: Roots and Heritage                                                                                                   Ma. Corazon J. Veneracion
  2. Role and Functions of Public/Private Enterprises in Social Welfare Issues, Responses and Challenges                                                            Evelina A. Pangalangan
  3. Monitoring the Sustainability of Child-Focused Programs: The Philippine Experience                                                                                   Editha Venus-Maslang
  4. Empowering Institutionalized Children Through Social Work Intervention                                                                                             Ma. Lyra T. Del Castillo
  5. The Core Shelter Assistance Program (CSAP) of the DSWD: Insights into its Viability, Relevance, and Practicality for Implementation by Local Government Units (LGU): Selected Case Studies                           Romeo C. Quieta

30 Years of Community Development: Visioning Old and New Paths

  1. Community Disaster Management: An Area of Study and Practice in Community Development                                                                             Emmanuel M. Luna
  2. Community-based Coastal Resource Management: The Experience of the Anda, Pangasinan Program                                                           Sammie P. Formilleza, Elmer M. Ferrer, and Lenore P. dela Cruz
  3. Women Organizing: Strategies for Empowering Poor Women                 Maureen C. Pagaduan
  4. Mga Batang Hurnal: Isang Sanaysay Hinggil sa mga Batang Manggagawa sa Hacienda sa Ormoc                                                         Aleli B. Bawagan
  5. Ethnographic Notes: The Maritime Community of Gabi in Gigante Island                                                                                                 Rosario S. del Rosario
  6. Rural Communities and the Impact of Globalization: The Case of an Aeta Indigenous Community in Central Luzon, Philippines                     Oscar P. Ferrer
  7. Pag-aaral at Paglilingkod: Ang Field Instruction Program ng Departamento ng Pagpapaunlad ng Pamayanan                                       Angelito G. Manalili


Volume 2 Number 1

  1. Towards a Generalist Approach in Social Work Practice                         Thelma Lee-Mendoza
  2. Rethinking Community Development                                                          Emmanuel M. Luna
  3. Globalization and the Feminization of Migration                                       Rosalinda Pineda-Ofreneo
  4. Conceptual Framework for Developing Impact Indicators for Agricultural Programs                                                                                 Arlen Barrameda, Elmer M. Ferrer, Emmanuel M. Luna, and                 Ma. Theresa V. Tungpalan
  5. Library Update                              

Volume 1 Number 1

  1. The Caucus of Development NGO networks: The Philippine Experience in Scaling-up NGO Impact                                                       Karina Constantino-David
  2. Public Participation and Environmental Impact Assessment: Findings from Four Case Studies                                                                     Sylvia H. Guerrero
  3. Developing Poor Communities’ Potential to Critically Participate           Maureen C. Pagaduan