Research and Extension for Development Office

Research and Extension for Development Office

The Research and Extension for Development Office (REDO), the academic non-teaching unit of the College of Social Work and Community Development (CSWCD), was set up in November 1989 with the approval of the UP Board of Regents (BOR) in its 1026th meeting. It was the result of the merging of the then Office of Research and Publication (ORP) and then Office of Continuing Education and Extension (OCEE). This move by the College was aimed at strengthening the integration of the two functions of research and extension in order to maximize the utilization of resources as well as open and broaden spaces for multi and interdisciplinary discoursing and theorizing, thus creating a greater impact on its partner communities. 

The research and extension programs and projects provide opportunities for integrating development theories and practice, validating its effectiveness and relevance in the field. It also services the needs of individuals and groups at the grassroots level. Moreover, it is a venue for systematically disseminating the learning gained from direct practice to other academics, students and practitioners.


REDO’s main thrust is to assist the academic degree granting units in curriculum development and enrichment through research and extension. The Office is involved in concretizing or operationalizing social development theories in the context of the Philippine situation. It helps in formulating innovative strategies and practices. Results of these efforts are assessed, documented and disseminated for the purposes of theory-building. This praxis would ensure that development work will always be relevant and responsive to the current situation of the country.



REDO undertakes program and project proposal development, implementation and evaluation in partnership with the academic units, college partners, research agenda clusters and other organizations in the field of social development. These researches are geared towards enrichment of the practice and as input to curricular enhancement. It also synthesizes experiences in development work. Research outputs are disseminated and shared through publication, fora, roundtable discussion and symposia.

“Research is an important aspect of faculty academic work but its pursuit is another track distinct from and closely related to their classroom teaching. Enhancing research in a university requires providing it a distinct track as well as its own office.” UPD Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development


“Extension is public service work by an academic unit, faculty, staff, and students, individually or as a group. This function of the University is a contribution to achieving excellence in social and public service, especially the underserved sectors. Extension generates, validates, and applies knowledge that can enrich instruction and research.”
“Extension includes services utilizing expertise and talent related to one’s discipline, such as technical assistance, extramural programs, advocacy and community mobilization, and, organizing symposia, public fora, exhibits, performances and conferences. It may also include activities related to service learning that complement course instruction.” – 134th University Council Meeting, 16 February 2015

REDO conducts continuing education programs for its partners and other social development practitioners related to social work, community development and other social development expertise of the college. It is also actively involved in various advocacy efforts to address issues that are in line with the vision, mission, and goals of CSWCD. Further, it provides technical assistance to both public and private organizations, people’s organizations, corporations, LGUs, NGOs and partner communities. It also develops training and teaching materials as well as organizes symposia, forum and conferences for curriculum and field practice enrichment. Among the continuing programs being offered by the office include trainings related to Participatory Development Strategies, Social Services and Welfare Concerns, Gender and Development and other courses related to the research and extension agenda of the College.


REDO publishes the research output of the faculty and staff which highlight the rich experiences in the fields of social welfare, community development, gender and development, participatory development, advocacy and knowledge generation of the college. Examples of these publications are the Philippine Journal for Social Development, Newsmagazines, and special publications such as monographs, manuals, handbooks, research reports, and teaching materials, among others.

Technical Support

a. Management of the various College IEC portals such as the FYI board, website and other social networking sites as well as production of social marketing materials like brochures, posters, banners, CSWCD Orientation video, and other audio-visual presentations,

b. Technical support to non-academic college activities such as college week celebration, Christmas festivities, graduation, Recognition of Alumni and Retirees, assemblies for Sikhay Kilos and UPSARDFI, relief operations, among others.

c. Technical support to the Human Resource Development (HRD) concerns of the University and the College such as provision of summaries for the Students’ Evaluation of Teachers (SET), responses to University requests related to research, extension, promotions, etc.

d. Secretariat work for College activities and conferences which include photo-video documentation, publicity materials production (tarpaulin, brochures, flyers, etc.), kit preparations, technical assistance for audiovisual productions.