Philippine Journal of Social Development Volume 1 2009


Sustainability: Myth or Reality?: Understanding the Concept and Nature of Sustainability and the Factors Affecting It

Lea C. Deriquito
The study analyzes two sustainability frameworks and centers on community-based and people-oriented development projects, focusing on the perceptions, specific circumstances and experiences of different stakeholders involved in these projects. The significant outcome of the study is the conceptualization of a more comprehensive and unified definition of sustainability and a rating scale for evaluating and monitoring development projects’ progress towards sustainability.

Making the GAD Budget Gender-Responsive at the Local Government Level

Nathalie Lourdes A. Verceles
This study reviews the executive and legislative policies for the GAD budget in the Philippines and examines issues that preclude the full enforcement of the GAD budget law at the LGU level. It explores how the practical and strategic gender needs of low-income Filipino women can be better addressed by the effective and effectual implementation of the GAD budget policy.

When the Water is Scarce, We Suffer Too: Water Scarcity through the Eyes of Children in an Urban Poor Community

Teresita Villamor Barrameda
The article describes the effects of water scarcity on households in an urban poor setting, as seen through the eyes of children. Using the conceptual frame of deprivation and viewing access to water as a basic human right, it examines water deprivation as one of the indicators of poverty. Through a case study, the paper shows water scarcity adversely affects children who are among the most vulnerable members of poor households.

Experiences and Lessons From an International Practicum Program in Undergraduate Field Instruction

Young Ran Kim
This paper outlines the process of organizing social work practicum placements in the Philippines for students from Mokpo National University (MNU), South Korea, in cooperation with the College of Social Work and Community Development, University of the Philippines, Diliman. It presents insights drawn from students’ reports, faculty documents, and the coordinator’s notes. Through two practicums held in 2008 and 2009, participants learned not only social work methods and skills but also cultural awareness and strategies for overcoming their own inadequacies. Overall, the objectives of the program were achieved despite cultural and language limitations. The paper concludes with a discussion of learning gains, limitations and suggestions for future related programs.

Students’ Evaluation of their Agency-Based Field Instruction: Insights and Implications for Future Field Placements

Rosalie T. Quilicol
This paper reviews the University of the Philippines – Department of Social Work (UP-DSW) students’ evaluation of their agency-based fieldwork experiences for the period 2006-2008. The review focuses on the three elements of field instruction, namely: the students, the agency, and field supervision. In general, the students rated their firs field instruction course positively in terms of their perceived performance. The agencies were also favorably rated, with majority of the students saying that partnerships with these agencies were worth continuing. Likewise, students perceived supervision provided by the faculty and agency supervisors was adequate. The paper concludes with some points drawn from the review of the students’ evaluation that can enhance the effectiveness of the field instruction program.

Opinion: Privatization of the University of the Philippines: Circumstances, Forms, Resistance

Judy M. Taguiwalo

Book Review: The Ethics of Development by Des Gasper

Yolanda G. Ealdama


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