Dr. Jowima Ang – Reyes

Associate Professor 5

Specialization and Areas of Interest: human rights, grief and recovery, child protection, creative modalities in social work practice, clinical social work practice, family specialist, mental health and wellbeing

Research and Publications: 

ASEAN Social Work Journal, 2020 Edition, “Impact and Evaluation of the Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Program (CAPIN), fully funded by Consuelo Alger Foundation

Philippine Journal of Social Development, Volume 11, “The Effects of Human Rights Violations on the Grieving Families”, March 2019, copyright University of the Philippines 2019 Edition

Published article on, “Families as Foundation for Rural Development”, August 2018, https://purdnet.wordpress.com

“The Human Cost of the war on Drugs”, NASWEI and Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC), USA (December 2017)

“Healing and Reconciliation Manual for Former Rebels”, Policy Unit, Office of the President for Peace Process, published June 2016

Philippine Journal of Social Development, Volume 8, “Reflections of Creative Modalities as an Alternative Social Work Intervention”. 2016, copyright University of the Philippines, Diliman

“Article on Intake and Recording”, Philippine Encyclopedia of Social Work 2000 Edition Sponsored by Consuelo Alger Foundation, published by Megabooks Company and NASWEI (2000)