Theresa V. Tungpalan

Professor 12

PhD Education

Specialization and Areas of Interest: Community Development, Development Research, Popular Education, Child Labor, Rights-Based Development

Research and Publications: 

Editor, Philippine Journal of Social Development. Re-imagining Social Development, Re-claiming People’s Development. 2019, volume 12

Editor, Philippine Journal of Social Development. Community Development as Reflexive and Reflective Practice. 2018, volume 10

COSE (Coalition of Services of the Elderly, Inc.) (2017). Organizing Older Persons Handbook. QC: COSE (Writer: Ma. Theresa Tungpalan; Editor: Edward Gerlock)

M. T. Tungpalan (2016). Children’s stories on occupational risks in sugarcane farms. Philippine Journal of Social Development. Vol 8, UP-CSWCD

J. Caragay, MT. Tungpalan,E. Luna, E. Maslang & R. Laguilles (2016). Kaligtasan, Kabuhayan, Karapatan: Mga Batang Manggagawa sa Tubuhan. QC: ABK3-LEAP – UPSARDF – REDO, UP-CSWCD

M.T. Tungpalan & A. Bawagan (2015). Community Development Research: Emerging Concepts, Methods and Practices. Philippine Journal of Social Development, Vol. 7. UP-CSWCD

MTVTungpalan (ed.), W. Awitan, E. Anasarias & O. Ferrer (2010). Building Children’s Spaces (Reflections on Children Organizing for Peace and Development). CD Research Series #2. QC: CSWCD-Balay-Sikhay.

MTVTungpalan (2011). Organizing Older Persons: Perspectives and Challenges for Community Development Practice. Proceedings of the 2nd Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Community Development, October 2010, UPLB, Los Banos, Laguna.

Bawagan, Aleli B. &, Tungpalan, Ma. Theresa V. (2010). Connecting at the Grassroots: The Field Instruction Program of the UP-CSWCD Department of Community Development. Paper read at the International Conference on Enhancing Learning Experiences in Higher Education, Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, University of Hongkong, Dec. 2-3, 2010. (

MTVTungpalan (2010). Experiences and Challenges in Children Organizing: Implications to Community Development Practice. In Building Children’s Spaces (Reflections on Children Organizing for Peace and Development. CD Research Series #2.

MTVTungpalan (2009). Teaching-Learning Methods in Fieldwork Supervision: Lessons from the Field Instruction Program of UP-CSWCD Dept. of Community Development, CSWCD Development Journal.

MTVTungpalan (2005). Handbook for Researchers. QC: CSWCD, University of the Philippines. 3rd Edition