DSW Faculty Members Speak at the Biennial Convention for Social Work Educators

DSW Faculty Members Speak at the Biennial Convention for Social Work Educators

Sue Magalona-Nazal

The National Association for Social Work Education,  or NASWEI,  held its 49TH biennial convention on November 29-30, 2021 & December 1-3, using online platforms. The theme of the conference was: “Philippine Social work Education Amidst the Pandemic: “Challenges, Innovations and Trajectories”.

As in previous conferences, faculty members from the Department of Social Work, along with selected students, actively participated in the discussions. Assistant Professor John Erwin Bañez led the plenary discussion on “Social Work Statistics”, on November 30, 2021, where he shared useful statistical analysis tools for social work research. During plenary sessions on December 1, 2021, , Dr. Justin Francis Leon V. Nicolas made a presentation on, “Publish or Perish: How to Write Publishable Journal Articles”, with panel sharing from journal writers. Dr. Angelito Meneses likewise shared his experiences as a writer, through his presentation, titled, “How to Write Publishable Books” with panel sharing from book authors, led by retired CSWCD Professor Thelma Lee-Mendoza.  Dr. Finaflor F. Taylan, from the UP Open University, spoke about the, “Use of Online Teaching and Assessment”, during the plenary session on December 2, 2021.

Breakout sessions likewise featured CSWCD faculty members, as well as students. On November 29, 2021, Dr. Justin Francis Leon V. Nicolas presented, “A meta-Analysis of Case Studies in Human Rights at the Heart of Response during the Time of Pandemic in the Philippines”.  On the same day, Assistant Professor Gil I. Espinido, led stimulating discussion about, “Social Work as a Human Rights Profession”.

B.S. Social work students,  Sydney Claudelle M. Aguba and  Gia S. Evangelista, shared their research paper at a breakout session on December 1, 2021. The student paper is titled, “Revisiting Human Rights in Social Work: Filipino Social Workers’ Perception and Integration of Human Rights into their Professional Practice.

As the largest national umbrella organization of social work schools and educators, the NASWEI aims to promote and maintain high standards of social work education in the Philippines.