In the observance of World Social Work Day 2020, it is proper and fitting to remind all progressive social workers to passionately work “to promote, restore, maintain, and enhance the well-being of individuals, families, social groups, organizations, and communities.” In the process of building and restoring human relationships, let us also nurture these relationships as “infrastructures of dissent”. Together with people, we can again promote collectivity and solidarity. Our experience teaches us that only through collective efforts can personal and structural changes achieve enduring character.

Matagumpay na naisagawa ang serye ng mga aktibidad para sa taunang Linggo ng CSWCD mula ika-16 hanggang ika-28 ng Pebrero 2019 na may temang Takder: Ipagdiwang ang Sama-Samang Pagkilos ng Sambayanan. Ang Takder ay mula sa salitang Iloko na ang ibig sabihin ay tumindig. Sinimulan ang pambungad na aktibidad sa pamamagitan ng isang simpleng salu-salo ng komunidad […]

The key message is that human rights are not abstract concepts that have been imposed on us by the West. They are concrete day-to-day activities that make it possible for us to determine whether or not our quality of life befits human beings. Duty bearers, i.e., those in government, are bound by virtue of their position and authority to enable the exercise, protection and fulfillment of human rights by citizens. When they are remiss, Philippine history teaches us that segments of the citizenry muster the courage to organize and resist human rights violations in various ways and levels, starting from the margins.