About the CSWCD SC

The College of Social Work and Community Development Student Council (CSWCD SC) stands as the highest representative of the students in the College. Through the years, it has given uncompromising service to promote a united studentry that upholds rights and welfare of the students and is responsive to the needs and aspirations of the basic masses.

General Plan of Action

It’s more FUN in CSWCD!

Fight for social, environmental, and gender justice

  • Highlight social, environment, and gender-related issues in the College through forums, symposia and other creative but relevant avenues.
  • Participate on local and national actions that will advance the struggle for genuine social change.
  • Continue the fight for greater state subsidy in education and basic social services.
  • Engender pro-student policies for the betterment of CSWCD and the University in general.

Unite CSWCD Administration, Faculties, Staffs, and Students

  • Provide Income Generating Projects (IGPs) for the accomplishment of other ventures.
  • Harness the capacities of College’s Student Organizations.
  • Consolidate the student body, organized and non-organized, through team building
    activities, recreational activities and other creative platforms.
  • Integrate with the communities inside and outside UP through Basic Masses
  • Integration, Community Fairs, training activities, workshops and other programs.
  • Enhance student participation through monthly consultations, dialogues with the college administration and participation in the College Executive Board meets and strategic planning.
  • Conduct monthly consultation to the Graduate students to know their concerns, in line with this, we can create programs that are pertinent to their needs.

Encourage an all-encompassing and mass-oriented CSWCD

  • Enhance Students’ Participation in promotion and advocacies through Career talks etc. that would increase enrolee and improve perception about the College and its importance.
  • Dissemination of clear rent policies (cost and discounts) across all students to utilize college’s facilities and equipment.
  • Promote A-O-M (Arouse, Organize, and Mobilize) since it is the main essence of the courses we have in the college.
  • Carry out educational discussions to let the students know the Philippine realities in connection to the essence of being a Development Professional.


Proleta Gomez


John Anthony Cruz

Vice Chairperson for Internal Affairs

Rose Marielle Bagkus

Vice Chairperson for External Affairs

Judy Ann Solitario

Secretary General

Laydee Jouna Diaz

Finance Officer

Micah Hanah Orlino

Community Development Representative

Mykaela Jeanne Santos

Social Work Representative

Mary Philline Descalzo

CSWCD University Student Council Representative