The Research and Extension for Development Office (REDO) is the academic non-teaching unit of the College of Social Work and Community Development (CSWCD) which provides research, extension services and publications to social development professionals/practitioners, members of government organizations (GOs) and non-government organizations (NGOs), community leaders and people’s organizations, members of the academe and other groups involved in social development.

It is committed to the promotion of participatory development strategies in the context of pro-poor service and gender-responsive programs. Its primary focus is capability building, technical assistance, support services, as well as, networking and advocacy.

As part of its advocacy and networking efforts, CSWCD programs and services are popularized to reach a wider audience through website hosting and development of teaching and advocacy materials. REDO also conducts assessment studies on the extent of use of its materials to improve the quality of services to the departments and partners in social development work.

Programs and Services

Research and Extension for Development Office Staff

Prof. John Erwin S. Banez


Leah B. Angeles

University Extension Specialist 3

Paulo G. Ileto

Administrative Aide IV

Valerainne R. Lopez

University Researcher 2

Edgie Francis B. Uyanguren

University Extension Specialist 2

Celeste F. Vallejos

University Extension Specialist 2

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