Research and Extension for Development Office

Research and Extension for Development Office

The Research and Extension for Development Office (REDO) is the academic non-teaching unit of the UP College of Social Work and Community Development (CSWCD) mainly composed of research, extension and professional staff (REPS) that performs functions of research, extension and public service. The REPS is the academic non-teaching staff of the UP System as defined in the 754th Board of Regents meeting held on 20th of January 1967.

REDO provides technical assistance and services to community and social development professionals and practitioners; members of government organizations (GOs) and non-government organizations (NGOs); community leaders and people’s organizations; members of the academe and other groups involved in social development. It is committed to the promotion of pro-poor participatory development strategies. 

What we do


“Research is an important aspect of faculty academic work but its pursuit is another track distinct from and closely related to their classroom teaching. Enhancing research in a university requires providing it a distinct track as well as its own office.” – UPD Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development

“Extension is public service work by an academic unit, faculty, staff, and students, individually or as a group. This function of the University is a contribution to achieving excellence in social and public service, especially the underserved sectors. Extension generates, validates, and applies knowledge that can enrich instruction and research.”

“Extension includes services utilizing expertise and talent related to one’s discipline, such as technical assistance, extramural programs, advocacy and community mobilization, and, organizing symposia, public fora, exhibits, performances and conferences. It may also include activities related to service learning that complement course instruction.” – 134th University Council Meeting, 16 February 2015

Extension Services