Department of Community Development

The Department of Community Development (DCD) offers undergraduate, diploma and graduate programs that seek to educate, train, and nurture competent development professionals who are committed to people’s empowerment and participation, sustainable development, and gender equity. The goal is to help create and build a society that provides equal access for men and women to social, economic, political and cultural opportunities through people’s collective actions.

Department of Social Work

The Department of Social Work (DSW) offers undergraduate, diploma and graduate programs that aim to educate current and future social workers on integrative social work practice anchored on critical and culturally relevant theoretical perspectives. Through its people-centered and praxis-oriented curricula in both the undergraduate and graduate levels, it ensures that social work practice is responsive and relevant to the realization of people’s empowerment and social transformation. 

Department of Women and Development Studies

The Department of Women and Development Studies (DWDS) aims to provide a historical and comprehensive perspective to the study of gender and development in the context of the South and the Philippines. It aims to provide theoretical and practical knowledge, frameworks and strategies in the advancement of gender and development.

Doctor of Social Development

Social Development is an area of study that provides an analytical understanding of development issues linked to social forces which influence the lives of multitudes of people. It is concerned with addressing social problems that influence economic progress, human security and well-being, and innovates and analyzes strategies for the enhancement of a people-centered development. The Doctor of Social Development program puts emphasis on the development of knowledge from the ground, and theorizing from below, as bases for the enrichment of teaching, scholarship, research, and practice in social development.