Initiated as a Social Welfare Section within the Department of Sociology and Social Welfare in 1950 in the then College of Liberal Arts, the present College of Social Work and Community Development (CSWCD) became a separate Department of Social Work by 1961 and evolved into the Institute of Social Work and Community Development in 1969 through R.A. 5174 which was passed in 1967. Its reclassification as a full-fledged college was prompted by the University’s move to standardize the nomenclature of academic units performing similar functions. The CSWCD offers graduate and undergraduate programs in both social work and community development, as well as graduate programs on women and development.Click here for more information.


    Katarungan, Kapayapaan at Likas-Kayang Kaginhawahang Pinagsasaluhan ng Bayan at Sanlibutan (Justice, peace and sustainable well-being shared by the Filipino people and the global community)Click here for more information.


    The CSWCD Administration consists of the College Dean, the College Secretary, the Department Chairs, the Director of Social Development Program, the Director of Research and Extension for Development Office (REDO), the College Librarian, the Administrative Officer, the REPS Representative, and the CSWCD Student Council President. Click here for more information.