“Tell Us Your COVID Stories”

Stories have the power to open our minds, impart lessons, and give hope.  People’s collective experiences at the time of the pandemic have the potential to impart lessons that may help shape the knowledge foundation of the social work profession post-COVID, and beyond.

The Department of Social Work invites social workers to share stories and lessons as they face challenges brought about by COVID-19, in their professional and/or personal circumstances. Stories should be based on the contributor’s direct experience written from first-person perspective. If your stories are selected, you will be given an opportunity to get it published. Guidelines for writing and submitting stories may be downloaded here. The deadline for submission is 15 December 2021

Tell us your story.

For inquiries, contact:

Assistant Professor Suzanne M. Nazal smnazal@up.edu.ph
Associate Professor Justin V. Nicolas jvnicolas1@up.edu.ph