Aleli B. Bawagan

Professor 8

Specialization and Areas of Interest: Programs among indigenous peoples, children

Research and Publications: 

Bawagan, A., Mena. M., Gonzalo, R. &Obedicen, V. (2019). “Community Education and Learning Tourism Destinations: Case of Maribojoc, Bohol.” Philippine Journal of Social Development. Vol. 12, pp. 155-174. Retrieved from

DSWD Annual Report 2016 – DSWD: Serving the People. Member, Editorial Team. DSWD: Quezon City.

Bohol Research Team (2017). Enhancement of Disaster Response and Recovery Support Programs – Review of DSWD Shelter Assistance Program as implemented for Bohol Earthquake Disaster Response and Rehabilitation. DSWD: Quezon City.

Yolanda Research Team (2016). Establishing DSWD’s Accountability: A Critical Assessment of the Utilization of Recovery and Rehabilitation Funds for Yolanda Survivors. DSWD: Quezon City.

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Bawagan, A. B., Polotan-dela Cruz, L., Felizco, M. R. S., Tan, M. C. J., Wamil, M. & Germar, J. S. (2015). Shifting paradigms: Strengthening institutions for community-based disaster risk reduction and management. Quezon City: UP College of Social Work and Community Development.

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Bawagan, A. (2015). Three Generations of IrayaMangyans: Roles and Dilemmas in the Modern World. In A. Torres, L. Samson, & M. Diaz, M. (Eds.) Filipino generations in a changing landscape (pp. 9-26). Quezon City: Philippine Social Science Center.

Magno de Côrte-Real Araújo, A., Dizon, J.T., Bawagan, A., Rebancos, C. (2015). Community Responses to Environmental and Livelihood Impacts of Government-Initiated Dumpsite in Tíbar Village, Liquíça District, Timor-Leste. PASSAGE JOURNAL Vol. III, pp. 59-82