Programs and Projects

1. Scholarships and Endowment Grants

  • Joson-Castillo Student Award
  • Luis H. Lim Memorial Scholarship/Student Award
  • Soledad A. Florendo Scholarship Award
  • Rutsuki Fujisaki DCO Scholarship Award
  • Sigma Delta Phi Student Award
  • Petra R. De Joya Student Award

2. Research

  • Impact Study on Protracted Stay of Families in the Province of Pampanga (Lahar) Project
  • 24 Hour TV Project
  • Save the Children Project
  • Survey of Child Domestic Workers in Metro Manila
  • Study of Social Protection for Indigenous People
  • Review/Scanning and Assessment of Sustainable Development Models and Projects
  • Evaluation of Parent Effectiveness Services
  • A Study of Conflict: Its Resolution Among High School Students in the UPIS
  • A Process Documentation of Experiences by Three DSWD Treatment Centers for Sexually Abused Children
  • Welfare Issues Among Filipina Entertainers in Japan
  • Situation Analysis of Economic Activities of Women in Low Income Communities in Metro Manila
  • An Evaluation of the Core Shelter Assistance Program (CSAP) of DSWD
  • Community Based Coastal Resource Management Project
  • Institutional Preparation for the Implementation of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Financial Management Project
  • Enterprise in Community Development: An Evaluation
  • Assessment of CBNRM Programs in the Philippines
  • Study of Families Affected by the Laiban Dam Project


  • OWWA Training for Professionals
  • Women and Development GAD Seminar
  • Workshop
  • Case-Writing Study and Validation Workshop, 1992

4. Other Projects
Part of a 5-year academic exchange and cooperation between the U.P.and the Nihon Fukushi University of Japan is the Field Exposure Program conducted yearly which aims to enhance students’ knowledge of participatory approaches. A new MOA was signed covering the period 2000-2005.

5. Other Activities
These include administration of scholarship grants, collaboration with the College in holding public seminars and lecture series, and co-sponsoring the publication of relevant researches.