Issue Editors : Ma. Theresa V. Tungpalan, Ph.D. Rowena A. Laguilles-Timog, DSD Editorial Board : Sylvia Estrada-Claudio, M.D., Ph.D. John Erwin S. Bañez Ma. Linnea V. Tanchuling Managing Editor : Valerainne R. Lopez Technical Editor : Melissa Y. Moran Preface Authors’ Profile Kahampatan: Ayta’s concept of development in the context of Indigenous People’s (IP) culture […]

PJSD 2018 Volume 10 Issue Editors: Ma. Linnea V. Tanchuling and Ma. Theresa V. Tungpalan, DSD Editorial Board: Sylvia E, Claudio, M.D.,PhD John Erwin S. Bañez Yolanda G. Ealdama Managing Editor: Celeste F. Vallejos Technical Editor: Melissa Y. Moran Agribisita: Pag-oorganisa at Koletibong Pamamahal sa Agrikultura ng Molinete Farmers Association ng Laurel, Batangas by Wilfredo […]

The Department of Social Work, College of Social Work and Community Development, University of the Philippines invites contributions in the form of research papers, case studies and literary works for the 11th volume of the Philippine Journal of Social Development to be published on December 2018. The theme for this volume is “human rights from […]

PJSD 2017 Volume 9 Click here to view the electronic version of the journal Issue Editor: Rosalinda Pineda Ofreneo, PhD  Editorial Board: Jocelyn T. Caragay Leocito S. Gabo, PhD, DD Sylvia Estrada Claudio, PhD  Nancy E. Parreno  Managing Editor: Valerainne R. Lopez  Technical Editor: Melissa Y. Moran The CSWCD in the Quest for Sustainable Human Development  Amaryllis Tiglao-Torres, PhD  Poverty […]

The 2016 Philippine Journal of Social Development revisits the idea of “creative” of “creativity”, an oft-repeated standard in social development practice yet whose parameters are not always well-defined. What is creativity in social development? Does it entail the utilization of art forms such as songs, poetry or dancing? Is it the same as the creation of something “new”?

The Philippine Journal of Social Development (PJSD) strives to showcase the College of Social Work and Community Development’s (CSWCD) brand of scholarship of engagement that is people-centered, community-based, participatory, gender-responsive, life-affirming, integrative, and transformative. It invites contributions from scholars inside and outside the College to shed light on both enduring and cutting-edge themes that are part of its research and extension agenda.

On November 8, 2013 supertyphoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan), recognized as the world’s strongest typhoon to hit land to date, hit the Philippines and left a trail of death and destruction across a wide area of the country’s central islands.
While PAGASA warned the public of the typhoon as early as a week before it hit land, the supertyphoon exposed the lack of preparedness of some local government units and the vulnerabilities of communities to disaster risks.

This issue of the Philippine Journal of Social Development contains articles on the general topic of ‘peace and governance’, the fourth research and advocacy cluster of the University of the Philippines College of Social Work and Community Development.