This particular training acknowledges the ever changing situation that the Philippines is contending with which social development workers should be sensitive about and face in order to be effective in uplifting the lives of the people they assist.
It aims to enhance their capabilities to be proactive and purposive in involving the community and other stakeholders in dealing with problems and issues.

This four-day course aims to provide the participants with an overview of concepts, principles, processes, and approaches in community organizing in the context of current realities.
The phases of CO will be discussed as well as the essential skills that will be useful in the practice of Community Organizing. The course will facilitate the preparation of re-entry plans of the participants that they will use in their respective organizations.

The four-day, Live-out seminar workshop in Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) aims to equip social development practitioners with knowledge and skills to strengthen people’s involvement, enhance their capacities and increase their confidence in the decision making processes, thereby, sustaining development projects.
Further, the training course aims to enhance the understanding of capabilities of participants in developing appropriate participatory monitoring and evaluation systems for their respective community projects and programs.