CSWCD Welcomes Students and Faculty of the Nihon Fukushi University

| Written by CSWCD

CSWCD Dean Sylvia Estrada-Claudio welcomed the students and faculty of the Nihon Fukushi University (NFU) for the two-week NFU-Philippine Exchange Program (NFU-PEP). In her welcome message, Dean Claudio stressed the importance of the long-standing partnership between the University of the Philippines College of Social Work and Community Development (CSWCD) and NFU. 

Dean Sylvia Estrada-Claudio with NFU-PEP students batch 2019.

The NFU-PEP serves as a platform for Japanese students’ deeper learning and understanding of poverty and development issues in the Philippines. Through the NFU-PEP, the participants are provided with learning opportunities to broaden their perspective about poverty and development issues facing poor, vulnerable and marginalized communities in the country. 

Highlighting the 14-day program will be the exposure trips to marginalized communities and in-depth discussions with the different sectors. Reflection sessions with members of the community and sectors as well as among themselves will also be conducted to conclude each exposure trip. At the end of the program, there will be a synthesis-workshop to consolidate learning from the all the activities as well as an end-of program evaluation. 

This 2019, the Department of Community Development (DCD) of the UP CSWCD is coordinating the NFU-PEP along with NFU Professor Shinichi Sato with 15 Japanese students. The program will run from 10 to 23 February 2019. 

NFU students performing a Japanese song for the CSWCD Community during the Opening Ceremony.