CD 300 Thesis Concept Presentation

| Written by CSWCD


To all CD 300-1 students, we will hold a thesis concept presentation on March 3, 2018 at 1:00 P.M., CSWCD. Please prepare your concept notes. This session will be limited to 10 slots only. Email Prof. John Erwin S. Bañez at to reserve slots. Those who enrolled in CD 300-1 this semester will be given priority.

A concept note is a 2-3 page description of what you want to do. The more specific the better. The concept note will also help us (thesis committee) know how to help you develop your concept and find you an adviser.

A SUGGESTED outline is:

1) Background (what is the context of the topic?, what made you interested in it? Discussion of the topic’s link to CD – justify why your topic is a CD research)
2) Research Problem (what question do you want to answer?)
3) General Objectives
4) Specific objectives
5) Feasibility (e.g. do you have contacts that will help you?)