UP CSWCD Joins 2018 World Hijab Day Challenge

| Written by CSWCD


UP CSWCD, Quezon City- The Hijabis (veiled women) of UP College of Social Work and Community development today joined the celebration of the 2018 World Hijab Day. Through the sponsorship of the UP-Institute of Islamic Studies (UP-IIS), the UP CSWCD faculty, REPS, staff, students and children took on the hijab challenge and posed with calls to end discrimination and promote tolerance and culture of peace.

According to the UP-IIS, this annual hijab challenge serves as an opportunity to explain its cultural and religious contexts. This is also a venue to discuss the contemporary issues surrounding the Hijab in order to have a better understanding and raise awareness. Based on reports, “veiled women continue to experience discrimination, biases and negative-stereotypes despite issuances of memoranda affirming their rights”.

This year’s theme is dubbed as “we can do it too! #StrongInHijab.