Jowima Ang-Reyes

| Written by CSWCD

icon-girlJowima Ang-Reyes or “Jowi”

Assistant Professor 3

B.S. Social Work, Miriam College
Master of Social Work, with concentration in Clinical Social Work, UP CSWCD
Ph.D in Family Studies, College of Arts and Sciences at Miriam College (ongoing)

Jowima or “Jowi” brings with her to UP more than two decades of prior experience as a Social Work educator and administrator in private higher educational institutions, and practitioner in various contexts: industry, child and youth care and protection in New Zealand, and peace and development initiatives in the Philippines. Her passion for the utilization of creative modalities in her social work practice is an ongoing study towards developing a uniquely Filipino Social Work framework of practice. She joined the college in 2014 as an assistant professor.

Areas of interest: Social Work education, creative modalities in Social Work, human rights, peace and development, counseling.

Jowi is an active accreditor of the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU).