Invitation to the CSWCD Alumni General Assembly, February 23, 2013

| Written by CSWCD

February 1, 2013


Our Dearest Alumni,

On February 18-23, 2013, the College of Social Work and Community Development will have a week-long celebration similar to other colleges and units in celebration of UP Diliman Month. And as practiced during the previous years, the alumni will come together during the same week for their General Assembly, to celebrate with the College and share experiences relative to their respective professional practices.

This year’s General Assembly to be held Saturday, February 23, 2013, is important for all of us, as it marks another milestone in the life of the UP CSWCD Alumni Association. As our Constitution and By-Laws state, the current Officers of the Association (who have been elected in 2011 from among the members of the Board) shall hold office for a period of two years, without prejudice to being reelected for another term, should the Officers wish to continue being members of the Board. Further, as stated in our legal documents, 8 new members of the Board will need to be selected by the Assembly, who will replace those who opted to vacate their positions given the Constitutional provision for tenure of the Board members . The seven remaining members of the Board elected in 2011 by alumni of their respective disciplines (Social Work, Community Development, and Women and Development) shall stay till February 2015, to provide continuity to the initiatives started by the 2011 Board/Officers.

In this year’s General Assembly, we would like to translate our specific commitments to serve the College through the identification of specific projects which are doable in a year’s time. These commitments can either be on an individual, group, or Batch basis. In this regard, we are inviting our Faculty members from the various departments, many of whom are alumni of the CSWCD, to share with us the strategic plans of the various departments, how far they have  gone in terms of achieving their  respective goals, and identify possible areas where the Alumni can possibly help, in terms of reaching those goals, and improving further the practices of the various disciplines in their (alumni) respective situations. Such sharing can provide the context for identifying our respective concrete contributions.

Initially, we have identified possible areas where we can possibly be of help to the College. These include, among others, acting as Resource Persons for specific content areas where the alumni have rich operational experiences; linking the College with other potential partner Institutions(local and international); offering  our offices and projects for fieldwork practice by students. On the lighter side of commitments, some of us have volunteered to enhance further the physical features of our College, like putting up a Zen-like garden in a specific spot.

And finally, we will recognize and thank formally the alumni who have shared their personal resources to provide the facilities and other equipment to make learning conducive for all students during their stay at the CSWCD.

So PLEASE come to the General Assembly at 1:00PM, February 23, 2013, Saturday, to be convened  at the Library. Bring the entire batch if possible, especially if you belong to Class 1953, ‘63, ‘73,  ‘88, and ‘98 (jubilarians all ).   Attached is the Program for the afternoon. As always, we need your committed presence on this special day.

Maraming salamat for your active presence and support since 2011.  Mabuhay tayong lahat!!!


Yours sincerely,


Maria Ines P. Bagadion

Outgoing President, UP CSWCDAA Batch 2011



1:00 – 1:15             Registration and Socialization

1:15 – 3:15             Group Sharing, Discussions,  Exploration of Joint Projects
Selection of 8 new Board Members  (SW in the Library, CD in AV Room, and WD in  Rm. 201)

3:15-  3:30             Light snack near Library area

3:30 – 4:00             Unveiling of marker (honoring alumni and friends who furnished CSWCD classrooms)

4:00 – 5:00             General Assembly at the Library for group reports and
outgoing officers’ reports and proposed amendments to the CBL; announcement of newly-elected members of the Board

5:00 – 5:30             Election of Officers by the new Board