CSWCD’s Continuing Effort To Build Culture of Safety

| Written by CSWCD

Faculty members, students and staff “duck, hold and cover” when they heard the emergency warning bell. Afterwards, they walked in line and proceeded to their designated assembly areas.

On January 24 at 9:45 in the morning the College conducted its first emergency drill for the year. Every semester, the College holds drills to prepare its constituents on what to do in times of emergency.

Preparatory activities had been carried out by the different DRR committees before the day itself to see to it that everything will go on as planned. The first portion was the conduct of a surprise emergency earthquake drill mobilizing those who were in the college at that time. Ms. Fe Ticzon, Ms. Monette Manaay and the their team demonstrated how to conduct first aid. Mr. Geval Sumaoy, on the other hand, showed how to use the fire extinguisher.

After the exercises, Ms. Mary Jane Demegillo presented the CSWCD emergency preparedness system. After this, DRR Committee Chair Prof. Victor F. Obedicen facilitated the assessment of the activity and asked feedback from the participants to improve the College’s preparedness system based on their experience during the drill.

Congratulations to the DRR Committee for a well-organized event and for mobilizing majority of the College constituents to help in the Committee work.