CSWCD Research Conference on Community Engaged Scholarship

| Written by CSWCD

What is scholarship? What activities do you consider as research and extension?These are among the questions that the participants in the Research Conference attempted to answer last January 28, 2013. The conference entitled, Reframing Scholarship Based on Multiple Perspectives and Experiences of the CSWCD Community, aimed to provide space for dialogue on scholarship among academic units of CSWCD; to draw out points of convergence and divergence that may provide an ethical outlook as well as challenges to theories of knowledge; and to clarify criteria for what qualifies as research and/or extension and give these proper valuation.

Dean Ofreneo set the tone of the conference when she discussed the background and rationale of the conference in her opening message.  In the first part of the program, each academic unit presented their unit’s take on scholarship.  The second part of the program was spent on Unit workshops to discuss further the concept of Community-Engaged Scholarship vis a vis their teaching, research and extension functions as well as the criteria for evaluating their respective performance.

Dr. Sylvia E. Claudio served as a moderator for the event.