Conference of Food Security held in CSWCD

| Written by CSWCD

conference of food security

Homenet Southeast Asia (HNSEA), in cooperation with the UPCSWCD Social Protection Cluster, Department of Agriculture, and Homenet South Asia, conducted a Subregional Workshop (SRW) and Conference last  8 to 10 November 2012 in Quezon City, Philippines with the theme  “FOOD SECURITY AS PART OF SOCIAL PROTECTION FOR HOMEBASED WORKERS to ADDRESS THE ADVERSE IMPACTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE”.The SRW was attended by participants from Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, India, and Thailand.

Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala served as guest speaker during the opening ceremonies held at the Department of Agriculture.  The rest of the workshop was conducted at the Bulwagang Tandang Sora. Participants spent one afternoon visiting field sites in Barangays UP Campus, Holy Spirit, and Banaba, to observe good practices of  urban and periurban agriculture

The SRW was intended to deepen understanding and knowledge among home-based and  other informal workers on the impact of climate change and  disasters on food security.  Experiences on the implications of global warming due to environmental degradation such as lesser crop production, lower income and livelihood opportunities, and health related risks due to malnutrition have been shared among the country participants. The SRW resolved to increase understanding and develop resiliency of HBWs by building upon the links between people’s livelihoods, their food security status, and access to social protection. The SRW encouraged the HBWs to work with local governments, civil society networks, workers and women’s associations, community-based organizations, private business, other possible partners and stakeholders in the adoption of policies and programs that ensure food security, and help communities of women and home-based workers sustain green jobs and community projects on food production and livelihood.