Teresita G. Villamor Barrameda

| Written by CSWCD

icon-girlTeresita G. Villamor Barrameda

Position: Associate Professor 5

Degree: Doctorate in Social Development

Specialization : Women and Development; Community Development

Education and Career:

1982 graduated from the College of Fisheries (major in Fish Processing Technology), University of the Philippines- Diliman; 1999 graduated MA in Women and Development Studies and 2001 Masters in Community Development, University of the Philippines-Diliman; 1985-2001 worked in various non-government organizations in the fields of community organizing, community theatre & creative pedagogy/education, women organizing and human rights education, counselling abused women, HIV/AIDS education, and advocacy work on women’s issues as Regional Coordinator and Program Director; 2000-present, Consultant to various NGOs and international organizations on gender planning and program development, manuals development and program evaluation; 2010-present renders volunteer services to people’s organizations and grassroots NGOs on planning, project development, community education & creative pedagogy, theatre arts workshops, disaster and environmental education, and gender mainstreaming.

Current Research Interest:

Women and social protection; food security and sustainable livelihoods among rural women; gender and disaster; privatization and local government; gender mainstreaming and utilization of the GAD budgets by LGUs; and role of women migrants’ remittances in local economy development.

Email: tvbarrameda@yahoo.com; tvbarrameda@gmail.com