SANDIWA 2012: Fun, Learning, and Celebrating Life!

| Written by CSWCD

sandiwa 2012

Since its inception in 2002, the Nihon Fukushi University Philippine Exposure Program tagged as “Sankatauhan: People’s Initiatives and Partnerships” has provided opportunities for the students of NFU to discover, learn, and understand the current political and economic situation, culture, and social development efforts in the Philippines.

On its 10th year, the NFU PEP Sankatauhan explored the theme, “Sandiwa sa Pagkalinga” (With One Spirit, We Care) from February 13 to 1 March 2012.

This year’s program was participated by 11 NFU students from the Faculty of International Social Welfare Development who were guided by Mr. Shinichi Nakamura and Prof. Teruhiko Yoshimura. They participated in lecture-discussions, community and agency visits, socialization activities with UP students, cultural and historical exposure activities, and interaction with Japanese development workers in the Philippines.

The program was both learning and fun. “Fun” has its own cultural expressions embodied in the everyday interactions and activities of the 17-day exposure program. Both fun and learning were instrumental in creating the NFU PEP 2012 a “happy” experience. A happy experience and atmosphere breed POSITIVE feelings not only to oneself but to others as well. The experience of learning and fun is more than just mere enjoyment but also a NURTURING and UNIFYING FORCE and a way to CELEBRATE LIFE.

Prof. Thelma Magcuro of the Department of Community Development served as Program Coordinator for this year’s NFU PEP. The support program staff included Raul Raquitico Jr., Meriam dela Cruz and Romano Antonio Wamil.

“When I go back to Japan, I want to expand relationships between me and my family, friends and community.” – Tomoe Sangawa

“This year’s theme “Sandiwa Ang Pagkalinga”, “with one spirit, we care” gave us very important message and insight to future development concept. We are always in the learning journey. This PEP is just a beginning for our students.” 
– Prof. Teruhiko Yoshimura, Faculty Chaperone

(By: Buboy Raquitico and Matt Wamil)