F.I.R.S.T. … an inter-unit Pioneering Effort

| Written by CSWCD


Three university units, College of Social Work and Community Development, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy and the University Center for Women’s Studies pooled their resources together and co-sponsored the two-day “Flood Incident Response Safety Training (FIRST) ” from December 12-13, 2011 at the CSWCD Seminar Room.   \Around 20 participants from these entities attended the activity.

The sessions on the first day tackled the theoretical portion or basic knowledge about the rescue operation. These were Basic Water Safety and Rescue Techniques, Rubber Boat Handling, and Basic Ropemanship.  The second day was a practicum, an actual rescue operation in the Manila Bay area.

The training caught the attention of the participants since the lectures were interspersed with demonstration by both trainers and trainees.  The actual experience in Manila Bay by those who joined was quite revealing because it made the participants realize that the actual rescue operation is not easy and the responsibility of the rescuer is normous.  Quite important to remember is for the team to have the right attitude.