Continuing Advocacy for Inclusion

| Written by CSWCD

The “Training on Inclusive Planning for Local Development Planners: Focused on Older Persons and Persons with Disabilities” was conducted by the Research and Extension for Development Office (REDO) from October 19-21, 2011 at the CSWCD Audiovisual Room.  It was a trail blazing effort, a new training course offered by the Office which took cognizance of the invisibility of these sectors in the life of their localities.  There is thus a need to open the eyes of local executives to the importance of enhancing their wellbeing and status in society by addressing their specific concerns.  This is an advocacy which REDO has taken on.

As indicated by the participants’ responses, the activity was a success in that it gave them greater appreciation of what inclusive planning is. Moreover, it provided them with the needed knowledge and skills to plan programs and projects, monitor their implementation through the use of the various tools presented during the sessions.The participants acknowledged the importance of the training and suggested that this be offered on a continuing basis.  Also, as part of its advocacy effort, the Office should be proactive in proposing the said course to city and municipal councils to awaken them about the importance of the inclusive approach.