University Scholars Leadership Symposium: A Participant’s Account

| Written by CSWCD

Mary Antonnette F. de Leon,  REDO Staff attended the week-long 2nd University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS)  held in Pattaya, Thailand. The symposium was organized by the Humanitarian Affairs United Kingdom. There were about 340 youth from all over the world who attended the Symposium.

university scholars leadership symposiumThe symposium had “The Power of Dreams” for its theme. It generally aimed to provide the participants with a better understanding of global poverty, humanitarian needs and sustainable development; and to equip them on how to organize and deliver humanitarian aid.

Ms. De Leon shared that several activities were prepared by the organizers to achieve its objectives.  Aside from the networking sessions with delegates, the plenary and discussion sessions, and visits to some famous tourist spots, there were also visits to local institutions in Pattaya that gave delegates an opportunity to interact with its clients and staff.  The following were the topics discussed by the respective resource persons during the symposium:

  • School is Just a Dream, Ms. Geraldine Cox, Country Director and President, Sunrise Children Home, Cambodia
  • Rescuing the Sex Slave, Mr. Sompop Jantraka, Founder and Chief Advisor, Development & Education Programme for Daughters and Communities Centre Thailand
  • Super Hero, Mr. Anand Kumar, Founder, Super 30
  • Success the Magic Word, Dr. Wijaya Godakubura, President Safe Bottle Lamp Foundation, Sri Lanka
  • Peace on Earth, Dr. Wee Teck Young also known as Dr. Hakim, Founder, Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers
  • Ms. Thanaree Fungphinyophap, a spirited person with disability, shared her heart warming struggle to transcend her being differently abled.

Moreover, a number of delegates of the first USLS who have initiated humanitarian efforts were also given the opportunity to share their experiences with the delegates.

According to Ms. De Leon, one of the most enjoyable highlights of the Symposium was the Show Buzz the Musical World which was held on the last day. She said that the delegates were divided into 10 groups.  Each group gave their best shot in showcasing what they have learned through acting and singing to vie for the number one spot. As a reward, the group who won was given a significant discount for the next year’s USLS registration fee. She also shared that almost all delegates were very zealous in participating in the activities and were very satisfied with the result of the Symposium. They are looking forward to attend the next Symposium which is slated to be done in Bali, Indonesia.

Photo is from Ms. Francez Fernandez, also a USLS delegate.