CSWCD Development Journal 2005

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CSWCD Development Journal 2005

Social Work in the Philippines


This issue contains articles in social work as an applied discipline in the Philippines.  It describes the framework of the profession as well as its practical value to people and partners that require social work intervention.

Social Functioning: The Core of Social Work
by Rosetta G. Palma

Transforming ‘Development’ An Arena for Macro Social Work
by Yolanda G. Ealdama

Philippine Social Welfare Policies
Romeo C. Quieta

Combating Exploitative Child Labor: A Social Work Experience
by Alejandro W. Apit

Social Work and International Collaboration in Child Placement
Ma. Lyra T. Del Castillo

Support for the Elderly in the Philippines
Romeo C. Quieta

Microinsurance and Mutual Benefit Associations as a Solidarity Based Social Protection System for the Informal Sector: The PAKISAMA Mutual Benefit Experience
Rainier V. Almazan