PJSD 2011 Volume 3

The Philippine has not recovered from the devastation brought by Typhoon Sendong in northern Mindanao cities of Cagayan de Oro and Align where about 1,153 died and 105 missing, when on January 5, 2012, another disaster happened in Compostela Valley, also in Mindanao.


SIKHAY: DSD Student Papers Series is viewed as part of the “work-in-progress” to surface critical perspectives and new discourses in social development based on the shared learning and reflections of the DSD students. The selected student papers are not meant to be prescriptive nor comprehensive. These papers are compiled as resource materials for other students and development professionals. Since its inception in August 2010, the Sikhay Series has produced several volumes.

PJSD 2010 Volume 2

The UP College of Social Work and Community Development has identified priority development concerns around which research clusters have been formed, i.e., Migration, Disaster Risk Reduction, Governance, and Social Protection. These concerns translate into a series of thematic issues for the Philippine Journal of Social Development, beginning with this one on international migration.

PJSD 2009 Volume 1

The Philippine Journal of Social Development (formerly the CSWCD Development Journal) was conceived to create a cross-disciplinal, cross-institutional forum for social development in the country. This move was inspired by necessity. We cannot really talk about social development work without recognizing and acknowledging that a number of disciplines contribute to this undertaking.