• Department of Community Development

    Since the 70’s, the Department of Community Development has been offering undergraduate and graduate academic degrees that seek to educate, train and nurture competent development professionals who are committed to people’s empowerment and participation, sustainable development and gender equity.
    From its nascent beginning as a service delivery mechanism of the government in the 1950’s, CD as an academic discipline has evolved alongside with the dynamic character of social development. The growing concern for popular participation and social equity has brought to fore the need for an integrated strategy of organizational capability building among grassroots organizations as well as concrete community-managed welfare and livelihood programs.


  • Department of Social Work

    The tradition of excellence and commitment to progressive social work education started in 1950 when Social Work became an academic sub-unit of the Department of Sociology and Social Welfare of the College of Liberal Arts and later in 1961, as a separate Department of College of Arts and Sciences. It was one of the two departments that comprised the Institute of Social work and Community Development, when the latter was established in 1967. In 1987, the Institute became the College of Social Work and Community Development (CSWCD).


  • Department of Women and Development Studies

    The Department of Women and Development Studies (DWDS), whose creation was approved by the UP Board of Regents on March 29, 2000, was originally the Women and Development Program which was established in 1987. The DWDS’ Diploma and Master of Arts in Women and Development are pioneering programs in women and gender studies in the Asia-Pacific region and remain the only ones being offered in the. The DWDS aims to provide a historical and comprehensive perspective to the study of gender and development particularly in the context of the South and the Philippines.


  • Doctor of Social Development Program

    Social Development is an area of study that provides an analytical understanding of development issues linked to social forces which influence the lives of multitudes of people. It is concerned with addressing social problems that influence economic progress, human security and well-being, and innovates and analyzes strategies for the enhancement of a people-centered development.
    The Doctor of Social Development program puts emphasis on the development of knowledge from the ground, and theorizing from below, as bases for the enrichment of teaching, scholarship, research, and practice in social development.