Department of Social Work

Department Chair

Mary Lou L. Alcid
Professor 3


Faculty Members

Rainier V. Almazan 

Associate Professor 1

Josephine Banaag 

Assistant Professor 1

Jocelyn T. Caragay 

Professor 8

Yolanda G. Ealdama 

Associate Professor 2

Gil I. Espenido

Assistant Professor 1

Hazel C. Lamberte 

Assistant Professor 1

Roberto I. Nazal 

Assistant Professor 2

Justin Francis Leon V. Nicolas 

Assistant Professor 4

Nancy E. Parreno

Assistant Professor 2

Florence F. Pasos

Assistant Professor 2

Rosalie T. Quilicol 

Assistant Professor 7

Jowima A. Reyes

Assistant Professor 3

Glennie Marie M. Sina-on  

Instructor 1

Shanna Elaine B. Rogan    

Lecturer 2 

The tradition of excellence and commitment to progressive social work education started in 1950 when Social Work became an academic sub-unit of the Department of Sociology and Social Welfare of the College of Liberal Arts and later in 1961, as a separate Department of College of Arts and Sciences. It was one of the two departments that comprised the Institute of Social work and Community Development, when the latter was established in 1967. In 1987, the Institute became the College of Social Work and Community Development (CSWCD).

At present, the Department aims to educate current and future social workers on integrative social work practice anchored on critical and culturally relevant theoretical perspectives. Its strategic goal is to be a center of excellence in social work education in Southeast Asia.

At the forefront of social work education in the Philippines, the Department strives to ensure that its people-centered and praxis-oriented curricula in both the undergraduate and graduate levels are responsive and relevant to the realization of people’s empowerment and social transformation. It is the first in the Philippines to offer graduate education on distance mode, in partnership with the UP Open University, paving the way for more accessible post baccalaureate programs.It also takes an active role in the development of national standards for social work education.

The Department’s roster of graduates includes social workers who have distinguished themselves in various fields of practice, internationally and locally. Among them are those who have served as secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development and other  other leadership positions in government and non-government organizations, as chair and members of the Board of Examiners for Social Work, consultants, leaders, and staff of international social welfare and development agencies as well as social work educators and administrators. Our graduates have not only maintained a 100 per cent passing rate in the Social Work board examination but have consistently been in the Top 10.



 Curricular Offerings

Bachelor of Science in Social Work
An undergraduate program that prepares students for direct practice in social work with individuals, families, groups and communities. There are 69 units of general education courses and 71 units of professional courses covering four curricular areas:

  • Human Behavior and the Social Environment
  • Social Welfare Policies Programs and Services
  • Social Work Practice
  • Field Instruction


Diploma in Social Work (DIP SW)
A post baccalaureate degree program that intends to respond to the continuing education needs of experienced social work practitioners, particularly in relation to their direct practice and supervisory functions. Enrollees on a full-time basis can complete the program in one year. As a ladder type program, the Diploma units may be credited towards the Master of Social Work degree.

Master of Social Work
A post baccalaureate degree program that prepares students for leadership in policy advocacy, with particular focus on the development of innovative practice models. It is offered in two tracks:

  • MSW Plan A: 36 units WITH THESIS but no comprehensive examination
  • Plan B: 39 units without thesis but WITH COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION 


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  1. May says:

    its nice to attend the WELKAMAN even im MSW. I really enjoy the 1st day of Class. Just got home from my First class SW202 with mam Sally.. See you classmates tom.

    ..1st one to comment!..yey ^_^

  2. Christopher Sabili says:

    I am Christopher M. Sabili, RSW currently employed in a government institution. I would like to inquire concerning UP open university to take Masters in Social Work (Community focused). Can u please give me advice on the matter. Thank You very much and God bless.

    Contact #:: 09082330771

  3. janette silva says:

    good day! i would like to inquire if you offer a refresher course for social work? i am a graduate of BSSW in 1993 and planning to take a review and SW board next year. i think i already need an update. thank you and hoping for your response

    • cswcd says:

      Hi Janette! The College does not have a refresher course for BSSW but it does have a review course which is offered during May. You may call Ms. Monette or Ms. Cris for more information at this number 9818500 loc. 4103.

  4. bev says:


    I am a returning OFW and wanted to pursue MSW, but not a BSSW – I only have involvement in volunteering and social outreach work – is it possible for me to take this and what are the requirements.

    Thanks and God Bless 🙂

    • cswcd says:

      Hi! Thanks for your interest in pursuing MSW. Call us up at 981-8500 loc. 4105 and ask for Ms. Len for our admission requirements.

  5. patrick says:

    Good day CSWCD! I am Patrick Asinero, from Mindanao and I am an Atlas Corps fellow at the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children in the US. Right now, we are doing research on Child Rights Model Laws around the world and we are also creating a database system of universities around the globe that offers "Child Rights and Protection" courses in their respective curriculum. I am tasked to look into Asia Pacific region. With this, I would like to know if any of the courses offered in the college has "Child Rights/Child Protection" related course? I hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks,

    • cswcd says:

      Hi Patrick! We will refer your inquiry to the Department of Social Work Chair.

    • Mary Lou L Alcid says:

      Patrick, child rights and protection as a topic is incorporated in a number of subjects or courses in the undergraduate and graduate programs.Our faculty members who specialize in this area are Dr. Ma. Lyra del Castillo and Prof. Rosetta G. Palma . Their focus is on adoption. You may also get in touch with social work educators in Mindanao, specially Ateneo de Davao University. The head of the social work program and president of the National Association for Social Work Education Inc (NASWEI) Mindanao is Dr Melba Manapol. Another resource would be Mr Alex Apit, a social worker who may well be considered a child rights champion and expert. He is on Facebook.

  6. Masafumi Nagao says:

    Dear Dr. Rosalinda Pineda-Ofreneo (Dean, CSWCD)
    I am a Visiting Professor at International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan. I have a Japanese female student at ICU who wishes to enroll in your program. This student, Ms. Yukari Ishida by name, is a 3rd year student at ICU with a high GPA. She is optically handicapped (totally blind) and is interested in learning about education for the handicapped in the Philippines. Could you tell me to whom she should write.
    Masafumi Nagao, Department of Government and International Relations, ICU (

  7. Judith Rodriguez says:

    Hi, I'm a graduate of AB-Psychology in 2004 and i truly wanted to pursue a career in social work. Can i enroll to diploma in social work? Once finished, would i be eligible to take the board exam? Thank you and more power!

  8. Ruby says:

    Hi. i'm interested in taking up Masters in Social Work. i'm wondering though what job opportunities await those graduates of such. thanks!

  9. cswcd says:

    Hi Judith! Thank you for your interest. However, completion of a Diploma in Social Work does not qualify a non-BSSW graduate to take the licensure exams. This is based on the Social Work law (RA 4373). A B.S. or Master in Social Work is required.

  10. cswcd says:

    Hi Ruby! Thank you for your interest. A graduate of MSW may engage in direct practice (social work counselling, case management, community organizing, groupwork etc), social administration, policy/program development and management, international humanitarian work, social work education, research…

  11. Marvin Scondo says:

    Hi,I´m Marvin from Germany.After graduating from Highschool (Gymnasium) I have been working with handycapped children and adults with mental disease .I´m very interested in studying Social Work and would be very pleased to get more Information about conditions of admission for me as an foreign student.Thank you very much and greetings from Germany.

    • mary lou alcid says:

      Marvin, thank you for your interest in enrolling in our Master in Social Work degree program. For the information and conditions of admission of foreign students, I refer you to this link on the website of the University of the Philippines Diliman:

      Mary Lou L Alcid
      Department of Social Work
      UP CSWCD

  12. Vivian Escoton says:

    Hi! Im Vivian and i've taken 24 units of MSW but not able to complete since 2007. Is it possible for me to continue through Open University? if not, can i be re-admitted in the program and what is the process? thanks…hope to go back this ocming semester..

  13. john paul abenojar says:

    Hi! My name is John Paul Abenojar. I have MSW from University of Michigan and presently live and work in Maryland USA as a Director of Social Services in a nursing home. My area of expertise is working with the elderly. I am interested of possibility working with a professor there in doing research about filipino elderly and also I am interested in possibility of guest lecturer. Thank you very much for your assistance.

    John Paul Abenojar

  14. akosidyudie says:

    Hi, would just like to know the requirements and deadline of submission of application for Diploma in Social Work for 1st sem AY 2012-2013? Thanks! 🙂

  15. Laurence T says:

    I am a US Citizen, and I will have my Bachelor of Social Work and Bachelor of Science in Sociology in August 2012 from a U.S university. Is it possible to apply to the MSW or MCD programs for Spring 2013 semester or when is it possible to submit my application for the next opening for enrollment?
    As far as i understand, the website below is the application for foreign students. I have printed the paperwork from the following website and would like to know if I need to fill out any other additional information to apply:

    Thank you for your time!

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