Library Hours

Monday to Friday:
9:00am –  6:00pm
8:00am – 5:00pm

Sunday and holiday:

Library Services

Readers’ Services
Inter-library loan
Reference and Research Assistance
Library Orientations
Bibliographic Services
Internet Access
Photocopying services

Library Staff

Ms. Soledad Fonseca 
Head Librarian

Support Staff:

Jo-ann G. Golfo

Fe H. Ticzon

Michelle Olivia M. Cinco

Rules and Regulations

CSWCD Library and Other Facilities

The CSWCD Library serves to the fullest extent possible to the programs of the College of Social Work and Community Development, implement the purposes of the general programs and support its specific educational objectives with the needed resources, facilities and services. The CSWCD Library aims to:

  • Meet the legitimate needs and demands of all their patrons;
  • To stimulate and encourage students to develop lifelong habits of good reading, study and research;
  • To provide library materials adequate for the clientele’s needs and purposes and making them easily accessible to patrons;
  • To develop a live and growing collection of books, periodicals, pamphlets, multimedia materials and other resources which are carefully selected and developed based on the philosophy and objectives of the college, the nature of the curriculum, the needs for research materials and the range of services required by the users.

Library Clientele

The following patrons may use the library resources subject to rules and regulations governing their use:
1. All bonafide students, faculty and employees, members of the Board of Regents and Officials of the University;
2. Retired faculty members;
3. Visiting scholars with university appointments;
4. Cross-registrants from other colleges and universities and special students;
5. Members of the Order of Oblation; and
6. Non-members of the university such as: alumni, former faculty and students honorably discharged from the university, graduates from other colleges and universities and researchers from government/private institutions.


ID Card

The Polaroid identification (ID) card issued by the Office of the University Registrar, and validated by the proper university/library employees permits students, to enter and use the facilities of the library.

Temporary ID

            Issued to students whose Polaroid ID is still in process.

Borrowers Card

            A borrower’s card is necessary to borrow books from the library for home reading. This is obtained from the library upon presentation of the ID and registration form for students and appointment papers for faculty and employees.

Loan Rules and Procedures

  1. Undergraduate students and administrative staff of the university may borrow not more than five (5) books at a time.
  2. Faculty members and officials of the university may borrow not more than ten (10) books at a time for a period of one month.
  3. Losses: Any person who losses or fails to return a book after seven days after the date shall replace it with the same title or a good photocopy or pay its current replacement value, or replace it within thirty days by another title, to be selected by the librarian. In all cases, the person shall pay a fine equivalent to 50% of the cost of the book.
  4. Library Fines : Any person who fails to return a circulation book on its due date shall pay a fine of P2.00 a day, exclusive Sundays and holidays. Any person who fails to return a reserve book shall pay a fine of one peso (P1.00) per hour as a fraction thereof; P5.00 for each succeeding hours, and P50.00 for each full day. A second offense within the semester shall subsequently suspend/curtail this privilege for the rest of the semester/summer.
  5. Mutilating or Stealing Library Properties: Any person who shall deface, mutilate, appropriate for himself or steal any library material or property shall replace it or pay its current replacement value and pay a fine of not less than P300.00 but not more than 50% of the current cost of the book whichever is higher. This is without prejudice to the imposition, in appropriate cases of an additional penalty of suspension or expulsion to be imposed after due process, by the Chancellor upon recommendation of the University Librarian through the Dean.
  6. Falsification and Use of someone else’s Identification Card or Borrower’s Card: Any person who falsifies the identification card shall after due process be suspended from the University for not more than one semester. Any person who uses an identification card or borrowers card not his own shall have his library privileges suspended for not more than one semester.
  7. Disorderly and Disruptive Behavior: Any person engaged in disorderly conduct such as drunken behavior, serious disturbance, gross and deliberate discourtesy, or in disruptive behavior such as excessive noise, loud discussions; or in improper behavior such as smoking, eating, and playing cards within the library premises shall be excluded by the Librarian from the library premises and be subject to suspension of library privileges for not more than two (2) weeks.


College of Social Work and Community Development