Lyka Mae Lucena

Shelley Anne Medina
Vice President for Internals

Rachel Sandalo
Vice President for Externals

Patricia Carbungco
Secretary General

Lady Aduca
Public Relations Officer

Kimberly Ann Ortega
Public Relations Officer


The Junior Social Workers’ Association of the Philippines (JSWAP) is the student chapter of the National Association for Social Work Education, Inc., an organization that is dedicated to the pursuit of honor and excellence in the field of Social Work. It envisions empowered and unified students in enhancing the full potential of each member towards the development of their professional competence in the Social Work practice. Its mission is to respond to the needs and concerns of the Social Work students.

The local Chapter known as University of the Philippines- Junior Social Workers’ Association of the Philippines (UP JSWAP) is active in undertaking activities that are line with the vision, mission and objectives of the national association.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KyK4rQxrwU


For the Academic Year 2014-2015, the organization kicked-off the year by participating in assisting the students during the registration period. The members served as volunteers in the help desks.

A Tambayan General Assembly was also conducted to ensure that the home of the Social Work students in the college will be clean and comfortable. A cozy place to rest, discuss and bond with fellow members.

The organization, in partnership with the CSWCD Student Council launched the Operation Mario that provided relief goods to the affected communities in Rizal and Quezon City. The members were active in collecting donations, sorting clothes, grouping the sachets of coffee, noodles, canned goods and biscuits and sending of the packs to the communities.

Believing that LGBT rights are also Human Rights, JSWAP partnered with the University Student Council in the project: Open Hearts, Open Minds. Members changed their profile pictures with the picbadge of the project and shared statements through social networking about the promotion of the LGBT rights and to fight against Gender Discrimination.

The officers have also participated in the CSWCD All-Leaders Summit aiming to create policies that can help the college-based student organizations in the college. The organization was also able to reach out to the fellow JSWAP chapters from other schools through the JSWAP-NCR Summit last December 2014 held in CEU Manila. On the same month, we also helped in the production work of the lantern for the annual Lantern Parade. The college won 3rd place.

Following the death of Jennifer Laude, the organization became a signatory of the Justice for Jennifer Laude Network. What happened to her is clearly a violation of human rights and we demand justice for what happened to her.

We are now also a signatory of the Rise for Education campaign because we firmly believe that Education is a Right and its further commercialization needs to stop.

In order to promote the degree program and to have an increase of the number of freshmen entering the college, the organization sent representatives in the UPCAT Task Force to showcase Social Work and Community Development to the DPWAS UPCAT Passers during the DPWAS Orientation. The task force (mostly from JSWAP) also helped in organizing the College Open House to welcome the incoming freshies for the next school year.

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